Anti-G-protein-coupled receptor antibodies successfully generated in collaboration with MSM Protein Technologies (Chiome Press Release)


Chiome Bioscience Inc. (Head Office: Ichigaya Tamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masaaki Fujiwara; hereinafter referred to as “Chiome”) is proud to announce the successful generation of antibodies against a G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) in collaboration with MSM Protein Technologies, Inc. (Headquarters: 10 Roessler Road, Woburn, MA 01801, U.S.A., Chairman: Davis Farmer; hereinafter referred to as “MSM”) using, in combination, the Autonomously Diversifying Library (ADLib®) owned by Chiome and the Lesik/Golik Platform, a proprietary technology of MSM.

GPCRs are a family of cell surface receptors that reside within the cell membrane. They are responsible for transmitting signals into and out of the cell and are involved in a host of diseases including cancers, diabetes and many inflammatory conditions. They are attracting many pharmaceutical companies as drug targets. They are the targets for roughly 30% of all small molecule drugs but have proven to be problematic for antibodies because of their size and complexity until recently. The ideal antibody drug would bind at the site where the native signal or ligand binds to the GPCR, thereby blocking or, in some cases, amplifying the signal and modulating the behavior of the cell.

Conventional techniques are not effective in generating antibodies against GPCRs and to date only a handful of functional antibodies have been generated and few have entered clinical development , whereas the successful generation achieved by combining the ADLib® system and MSM’s proprietary technology platform is expected to greatly contribute to the promotion of creating antibody-based drugs, thereby tapping the potential market for anti-GPCR antibodies.

As stated by Masaaki Fujiwara, President of Chiome, “Although GPCRs are important as targets for drugs aimed at the treatment of cancer and immune diseases, it has been said that it is difficult to generate antibodies against GPCRs by conventional techniques. We, in collaboration with MSM, have succeeded in generating anti-GPCR antibodies by a single screening. Thus, we have taken a major step toward the efficient development of promising antibody-based drugs targeting GPCRs. In the future, we will aggressively pursue collaborative research with companies interested in antibody-based drugs targeting GPCRs.”

Davis Farmer, Chairman of MSM, says, “We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with Chiome. We have been delighted with their success in combining our technology for working with GPCRs with the own platform for raising antibodies. We believe the speed and quality of Chiome’s platform holds great promise for creating powerful antibody based therapeutic drugs to these difficult targets.”

ADLib® system The ADLib® system is an innovative antibody generation technology based on homologous recombination activating of chicken DT40 cell. This technology is superior to the conventional technology in some points. For example, this technology can be used to prepare desired antibodies ex vivo in a short time, or approximately 2-3 weeks. In addition, this technology can be used to prepare antibodies against antigens that have been considered difficult until now, because it is able to produce antibodies having theoretically unlimited diversity. Moreover, we succeeded in developing ADLib® axCELL, which can provide antibodies against cell-expressed multiple-trans-membrane proteins at high rates. The ADLib® system could be a world standard technology for monoclonal-antibody production.

Chiome Bioscience Inc. Chiome is a Japanese biotechnology company specializing in the production of antibodies, and development of antibody generating technology, with the ADLib® system, which is an innovative, unique antibody generating platform technology developed at RIKEN. In order to maximize the value of this technology, Chiome will grant partners the non-exclusive license, making great contributions to the development of pharmaceutical and diagnostic agents. For details of Chiome, please visit the following website: ADLib® is a registered trademark of Chiome Bioscience Inc.

MSM proprietary Technology MSM proprietary technologies, SIMPLTM and the Lesik/Golik platform enable the presentation of multi-spanners such as GPCRs in highly concentrated and purified form while retaining their native conformation and orientation thereby maximizing the probability of raising functional antibodies. MSM has demonstrated the ability to raise functional human antibodies against a number of GPCRs and other membrane proteins.

MSM Protein Technologies, Inc. MSM is closely held drug discovery company based in Boston, MA. MSM is the leader in the display of multi-spanning membrane proteins for antibody drug discovery. MSM was formed in 2005 on the basis of technology originally developed at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute by the company’s founding scientist Dr. Tajib Mirzabekov, and subsequently licensed to MSM. Since then the Company has developed additional, novel technologies that provide greater power and sensitivity to the search for antibody drugs to multi-spanners. For details of MSM, please visit the following website:

(Chiome Press Release)