Our Science:

Multi-spanning membrane proteins like GPCRs, ion channels and transporters are among the most complex and difficult drug targets in the body but equally they are among the most important. GPCRs alone represent at least one third to one half of all drug targets but thus far only one antibody to a GPCR has reached the market. MSM’s ability to overcome the challenges involved in working with these targets enables us to make new antibody based therapies and address major unmet medical needs.

MSM’s fully integrated antibody discovery platform includes all of the required components to generate human therapeutic antibodies to membrane proteins. MSM’s discovery platform is different from any other in the industry because it was designed specifically with membrane proteins in mind. With our expertise we have undertaken projects to generate highly specific functional monoclonal antibodies to a dozen different GPCRs, with a 100% success rate.



Current Programs:

In 2008, MSM launched an in-house program aimed at generating fully human, therapeutic-quality antibodies against several GPCR targets. The targets are critically involved in several life-threatening and severe chronic diseases and in controlling the immunologic aspects of these diseases. The antibodies in development show great promise of becoming true disease-modifying drugs. Our most advanced drug lead candidates entered into preclinical development in 2013. The company is seeking co-development partners to advance the programs and ultimately reach the market.